Artist Statement

I am primarily a painter of things. I am fond of figurative work, and do that too, but mostly I am drawn to objects. Everyday objects. Unassuming things.
I paint objects that I find at flea markets and antique shops - chosen because of their beauty or strangeness, but always with a reverence that these were once things someone else deemed worthy of having. In a pinch, I will scour my own kitchen cupboards. These are the things I surround myself with and hence they become a kind of diary. I paint these things because they move me in some way. Sometimes because they please my eye. Sometimes because they are so easily overlooked. And sometimes because they are simply challenging things to paint.
I choose and arrange my subjects based on their color or form, and the visual relationship between them. As I am working, a narrative often asserts itself as I begin to see the relationship between one object and another. They begin to tell their own story based on placement and how they interact with each other in the composition. However, storytelling is never a primary concern in my work. Rather, I am interested in trying to interpret and relay what I see through the materials of painting and drawing. In the end, it is the time spent alone in the studio looking at these objects – trying to convey the beauty I find in them - that is the delight of painting.